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Scott Xavier is recognized as the world’s premiere corporate mentalist - magician, & entertainer. He performs his slight of mind skills for Fortune 500 companies & social events from Kellogg’s to the Platinum Selling musicians such as Owl City, mentalist Scott Xavier is the choice of elite professionals who need their events to be unforgettable. Add excitement to your next event, hire corporate entertainer Scott Xavier today!


An audience interactive corporate entertainment of the demonstrations of the impossible legends you’ve only heard about. Corporate entertainer Scott Xavier blends incredible “psychic” feats, mixing illusion, intuition, applied psychology, escapology, and advanced non-verbal communication skills into an evening of pulse pounding excitement and comedy.

  • Does mind reading really exist? YES! Using body language and psychology, Xavier will unveil thoughts of the audience never before spoken including the names of first kisses, questions merely thought of, and even your first phone number!
  • Everyone loves REAL magic… Adding Scott Guarantees to entertain crowds & draw huge attention!
  • Is hypnosis real? Scott Xavier will control your thoughts in a fun and non- demeaning comedy presentation.
  • Xavier will cause borrowed keys, forks, spoons, keys, and even glass to twist, bend, melt, and shatter!
  • Using Voodoo like phenomenon Scott transfers feelings of taps, memories, visions, and more amongst the audience.
  • Death defying feats of Russian roulette and even an upside down straight jacket escape!
  • Borrowed tables dance and float across the stage.
  • And this is just the first half of the show!

Create MAGIC at your next company event or social party by hiring Award-Winning corporate mentalist & magician Scott Xavier now!

Corporate Mentalist Xavier at a Chicago company event performing mind reading and X-Ray eyes

  • You’re the best I’ve seen!

    Michael Jordan, NBA Legend
  • AMAZING, I can’t believe my eyes…

    Adam Young, Owl City Platinum Selling Musician

    Michelle, Trans Siberian Orchestra
  • Everyone thought you were EXCELLENT and we were all amazed!!!

    Abby M, CAMCO Construction
  • Another Excellent Program!”

    Kathy H, Kellogg's Corporation
  • You were AMAZING! Thank you for another great trade show.

    Dr. Dennis B, Phibro
  • UNBELIEVABLE, You’re F*****g Better then Anything at the Magic Castle!

    Carina Round, Puscifer Internationally Acclaimed Musician
  • SCARY! Don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen in my head…

    Jim Rose, Jim Rose Circus

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Scott Xavier is a dynamic entertainer who blends hypnosis, illusion, mind reading, and comedy into AWARD WINNING moments of interactive events your guests will NEVER forget! Clean comedian and psychic entertainer.

Scott Xavier = Uri Geller + David Blaine…


“YOUR ARE THE BEST!” –Michael Jordan, NBA Legend 

“Are we in the Matrix?” –Ice Cube, NWA Rap Artist

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